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All Dogs/Cats will be Spayed/Neutered, Microchipped, Vaccinated, Rabies, Wormed, and given appropriate Flea Medication as determined by the veterinarian, while supplies last. The determination will be made by the attending veterinarian if the animal is an acceptable surgical candidate for the sterilization procedure. I understand the attending veterinarian can refuse to perform any procedure on any animal for any reason. I release the attending veterinarian Dr. Susan Pickle DVM, Alvin-Friendswood Veterinary Clinic, The Forgotten Pet Advocates, Tails in Transition Animal Rescue, and Mutt Mesh Animal Rescue from any claim or liability from the surgery and any and all claims for surgery associated with said animal. We are not responsible for an animal's medical condition resulting from prior or recently demonstrated symptoms or injury, illness, disease, malnutrition, dehydration, or potential disease or illness resulting from contact with other animals.

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Please let veterinarian staff know (ahead of time) if any of the following problems have occurred recently in your pet!
Problems Breathing
Increased Thirst
Loss of Appetite
Nasal Discharge
Shaking Head
Eye Discharge

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Pre Operative & Post Operative Instructions

Pre Operative Information

Nursing animals-be sure lactating animals DO NOT nurse for 2 weeks prior to surgery
Heartworm prevention should be administered as normal.

Please consult with clinic prior to drop off if your pet is on any medication (281) 992-7500.

Day Before Surgery-drop off time is 7:30am

Pick up time is determined by clinic.

All dogs must be restrained on a leash or in a carrier.

All cats must be in a carrier.

Please bring vaccination history and current rabies certificate (rabies tags are not sufficient ID).

Please make sure dog/cat has a bath and is clean prior to surgery. Your pet won't be able to get wet for 7 days.

Post Operative Information

Dogs and cats must be kept indoors after surgery for at least 7 days.

Limit your pet's activity for 7 days.

NO running or jumping for 7 days.

Check the incision twice daily until healed. Should you notice any drainage or swelling please contact the clinic (281) 992-7500.

DO NOT allow the pet to get wet for 7 days.

E-Collar must remain on for 7 days after surgery to prevent licking or chewing at the surgery site.

DO NOT give ASPIRIN or TYLENOL to dogs and cats for pain relief. Tylenol is TOXIC to animals and ASPIRIN can be deadly if administered after surgery.​

If you have any questions about your animal's condition after surgery, please call the clinic (281) 992-7500. For emergencies requiring immediate attention, call the clinic (281) 992-7500 or your full service veterinarian. After hours please contact your local emergency clinic, Pearland 288 Emergency Clinic @ (713) 482-4592. 10100 Broadway, Suite 102, Pearland TX 77584

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You will receive a Printed Copy of the Pre-Operative & Post Operative Instructions and will be given the opportunity to ask any questions when you drop off your animal. Should you have any questions please ask below.