Dog Adoption Application


Name of Dog

Full Name

Spouse Full Name

Address Line 1

Address Line 2




How long at current address?


Phone 2


Place of Employment

Where do you live?

Do you own or rent?

If you rent, what is your landlord's name and phone number?

Are you In the process of moving, or anticipate moving in the next few months?

Do you live with your parents?

How did you hear about us? (Check all that apply)

 Newspaper Facebook Twitter Friend/Family Member Adopt-a-pet Offsite location (Petsmart, Festival) (please specify location below)


Why are you choosing to adopt from the The Forgotten Pet Advocates?

What other places have you visited when looking for a pet?

 Pet Store Newspaper Other shelter(s) (please specify below)


What is your past and/or current experience with dogs?

 1st time owner Have had 1 or 2 dogs as an adult Have had more than 3 dogs as an adult Had a dog as a child Experienced in resolving behavior issues


What kind of characteristics are you looking for? Why are you adopting an animal?

Have you adopted from the The Forgotten Pets before?

If yes, where is the pet now and the name of the pet?

What activities do you want to do with your dog/puppy?

Who will care for this dog primarily (feeding, playtime, walks, vet visits)?

Have you ever surrendered or given away any pet to an animal welfare group, private rescue or individual person? If so, please explain the circumstance:

What are some reasons you would relinquish this dog back to The Forgotten Pet Advocates, e.g. human aggression, animal aggression, house training problems, excessive chewing, separation anxiety, moving, having a baby, cannot afford any longer, etc.

Have you ever had a pet:

 Run away Get hit by a car Die in your care Kept as an outdoor pet

If so, please explain:

Have you ever (if so please explain below):

 Given/sold an animal to a family member Given/sold an animal to other person Given an animal to a rescue or other animal welfare society (please list the organization(s) below)

Reason for giving away/selling animal:

What pets do you currently have or have had in the past THREE years in your household?

Previous cat/dog age:

Are your pets current on vaccinations (within the last year)?

Were previous pets taken to the vet annually?

Are your pets spayed/neutered?

Were previous pets spayed/neutered?

If no, please explain why:

Who is your veterinarian? Does FPA have permission to confirm prior vetting with them?

Please provide their address and phone number:

Would the records be under another name other than the one provided?

If so, please provide the full name:

Do you have other veterinarians that may have records for your current or past pets?

If so, please provide their name, address and contact information:

Reference one name:

Reference one phone:

Reference two name:

Reference two phone:

Please list the names and ages of all people living in the home and their relationship to you (Spouse/Partner/Roommate/Daughter)?

Do children (not in the immediate family) ever visit?

If so, how often?

Age(s) of the children:

Does anyone in the household have allergies to any kind of animals?

If YES, have they consulted with their doctor about getting an animal?

What member of the family will be taking the MAJOR responsibility of caring for this pet?

Would you allow FPA to do a Home Visit?

How would you describe your household?

Do you have a fenced in yard? Are there locks on all gates?

If yes, describe the area and the fence:

Please understand that it may take a new dog 2 weeks or more to adjust to a new home and/or to other pets and visitors. Where will you keep this dog? (Check ALL that apply)

 Free run of house Crate in house Inside Dog Outside Dog Inside/Outside dog In Garage Yard with a fence Basement Other (please explain below)


Where will the dog be kept during the day?

Where will the dog be kept during the night?

How many hours will it spend alone?

Where will it be kept when it's alone?

Would you consider using a crate to confine your new dog?

If so how long will the dog possibly be crated daily?

When you go on vacation, where will your dog go and who will take care of it?

If you ever move, have you considered that another place may not allow pets? What will you do if this happens?

Why do you want a dog? (Check ALL that apply)

 House Pet Guard Dog Breeding Companionship Travel Companion Gift for friend or relative Other (Please explain below)

Other reason for wanting a dog:

I certify that I have read this questionnaire and that all information I have given is true and accurate, and that I understand that any falsification may result in the nullification of an adoption. (TYPE YOUR FULL NAME AND DATE TO CONFIRM)

The FORGOTTEN PET ADVOCATES reserves the right to deny any adoption. MUST BE 21 AND OVER TO ADOPT. The Forgotten Pet Advocates Local Dog Adoption Fee is $150.00. Out of state adoption fee's varies and is solely decided on by the kennel owner.

The FORGOTTEN PET ADVOCATES reserves the right to deny any adoption. MUST BE 21 AND OVER TO ADOPT. The Forgotten Pet Advocates Local Dog Adoption Fee is $150.00. Out of state adoption fee’s varies and is solely decided on by the advocate for that dog.